Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Davy Crockett Bars

I (Denise) had five kids in my home today and we decided to make cookies for snack time.   I chose this recipe as it is easy for small helpers, fun and delicious, plus a little educational, too, and what mom doesn't like that!!!   I think a college friend originally gave me this recipe and its been years since I made it.   I pre-measured all of the ingredients in separate bowls and the kids took turns (youngest to oldest; their idea) standing on a chair and emptying the ingredient in the bowl, stirring and eating loose chocolate chips as reward at the end.  We looked up some pictures and information on the internet about Davy Crockett while we were waiting for the cookies to bake.     I've put the mix in a 9X12 pan before, but then you'll need to increase the cooking time.   I like the jelly roll pan the best as it makes very thin cookies and then you don't feel as guilty giving your kids "the LARGEST cookie ever!"
Davy Crockett Bars

2 cup flour
1 cup sugar
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda

1 cup brown sugar
2 cups quick oats
1 cup chocolate chips
(2 Tbls flax seed meal) optional ingredients Laurie uses
(1/2 cup coconut flakes) optional ingredients Laurie uses
(1/2 cup peanut butter chips) optional ingredients Laurie uses
(1/2 cup m&m's) optional ingredients Laurie uses

Combine, then stir into dry mixture:

2 eggs
1 cup oil
1 tsp vanilla
(2-3 Tbls rice milk) add if using optional ingredients from Laurie 

Press into ungreased 15X10X1 jelly roll pan, or line with parchment paper for easy clean up.

Bake 350 degrees    15 minutes  (depending on your oven)


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Tricia B. said...

I just had to make these since Koen is very obsessed with Davy Crockett right now. They were a huge it and he told me (after eating 2) that he could "wrestle a bear right now"!! He also put a request in for having one in his lunch EVERY day!!! Thanks for sharing!