Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A few great recipes

I've fallen in love with a new cookbook, Cooking for Isaiah.  The author, Silvana Nardone, is in tight competition with Nigella Lawson as being my favorite kitchen diva ever.  (Sorry, Nigella, I need to learn to cook GF and then I'll come back to my beloved cookbooks of yours.) And because Silvana has put together such an amazing cookbook that is full of diary free and gluten free recipes, I'm fairly certain I can't put the full recipe on my blog: I'm not sure how many people actually read my blog, but I would rather not infringe on someones copyright. 

What I will do is give you critique and quick peak and link you to her blog for the details. If you are dairy free and gluten free as I am you will most certainly want to buy this cookbook!

My first assignment was heading to stores in town to find the best deals and stock up on gluten free (GF) ingredients. Whew! Talk about information overload....it's a GF jungle out there! I found a good selection at Fred Meyers, but expensive! Whole Foods had the best selection & price combination. Trader Joes has the least expensive products, but not the best selection. And surprisingly found a good source at Food For Less. 

But the internet....wow! There are hundreds of blogs abounding with delicious recipes and helpful information on cooking GF.  There are dedicated blogs from moms who cook only GF; blogs from bakers trying new GF recipes to test the market; cooking clubs sharing recipes that are GF and focus on a new item each month (I can't wait to make this Glazed Meyer Lemon Muffin!!!) . I hit the jackpot on the GF quickbread list...will be baking some banana struesel bread as soon as I finish posting.

My first recipe was Silvana's pancake's...banana pancakes with cinnamon goo. My kids loved that I added chocolate chips to her recipe. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo...or more honestly, the kids ate the pancakes before I could grab the camera.  The "goo" was a big hit with my kids and my hubby and I loved the moist pancakes.

Next I made these delicious Berry Corn Muffins:

I had fresh marion berries and raspberries from the farmers market. Silvana uses a mixture of flour and cornmeal, but this is no cornbread! My kids liked them. Ate 12 of them in two days.

For dessert I made her Rocky Road Rice Crispy Treats:

Let me just say that there were NONE of these left after I put them out for my family. There was no indication from appearance or taste that these were GF.  They were sooooo good!  Can you tell...

My only complaint with this cookbook is she cooks like the Pioneer Woman...lots of sugar. A lot of sugar.  I'll be working on a way to decrease and adapt these recipes in the future.

My kids said "this was the best dinner ever mom!"  It's definitly different working with GF flours. I'm still working on getting the knack of it. 

Silvana says (ok, its a little weird that I keep calling Silvana by her first name as if we were BFF's, but how else do I refer to her???) these make great on-the-go breakfast wraps, but as I made them last night, I would never let my kids eat these on the go: there would be food droppings all over my car.  They do not hold up well. And the recipe as is barely made enough to satisfy the hunger of me and two children, even though the cookbook says it serves 4-6.  I will make it again and double everything.

Okay, I'm signing off to get that banana bread in the oven.  Happy GF baking!


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