Saturday, November 6, 2010

Robert's Japanese Rice Dish (a.k.a. Soboro Donburi)

We have some friends that spent a year in Japan for work.  They brought this recipe home with them to share with all of their friends.   The name of the recipe is Soboro Donburi, but we kept forgetting that name so we have renamed it to Robert's Japanese Rice Dish.

Robert's Japanese Rice 
(Soboro Donburi)

2 cups rice
1/2 # ground chicken or beef
3T soy sauce
3T sugar
3T mirin (or water)
1 tsp ginger

4 eggs
1T sugar
1T mirin
1/2 tsp salt

Cook rice.

Put ground meat, soy sauce, sugar mirin and ginger in a pan.  Saute the meat, stirring constantly until moisture is almost gone.  (I used 1# of ground turkey.)

Beat eggs in a bowl and add sugar, mirin, and salt.  Scramble eggs finely until moisture is gone.  

Put steamed rice on a platter.   Arrange ground meat and scrambled egg topping in two different sections on top of the rice.   Sprinkle green peas over the toppings if you would like.

My favorite recipe blog site has a section in each post that is called "verdict" in which the blogger describes how she liked the dish and the big one- how the kids liked it!   I always immediately go to that part of the post before even thinking about making the dish.   Since it is my favorite part of the post, I decided I would like to start that, too, here on this blog post. 

Love this recipe!!!   I was trying to think of an easy recipe to make for dinner tonight of ingredients that I already had in the house and this is the recipe.   It's one of those recipes that everyone loves and will eat, even all the kids and my brother-in-law (as long as the peas are left off).   My sister made this one time for all the people in her small group and it got great approval reviews from everyone who tried it.   Thanks Roberts!

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