Monday, November 23, 2009

Moon Breakfast

This is an old family favorite that we had as kids growing up.  It is similar to Dutch Babies, but I think made with less eggs, which causes it to create more "moon craters" than Dutch Babies when cooking.  I'll write out the wording on my original recipe card from my mom cuz its fun to read how she writes out recipe cards sometimes.   I love getting new recipes online and I like writing out my recipes for others online, but sometimes nothing beats an old recipe card written in your mother's or grandmother's handwriting!

Moon Breakfast

Melt 1/2 cube butter, (margarine) in 13 X 9

Beat: 2 eggs

     Add:           1/2 cup flour
                        1/2 cup milk
                        dash of nutmeg
                        dash of salt

Pour in pan over butter and bake 400 degrees   10 - 15 minutes
Serve with powdered sugar and syrup. 

Another way to get eggs in for kids.  Tastes similar to french toast.   It cooks up like the surface of the moon - hence the name - fun to watch through glass oven door!

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