Sunday, November 8, 2009


My alternative title for this recipe is: A Way To Use Up Leftover Cottage Cheese. I don't like cottage cheese, never have, probably never will, that and I also don't eat dairy right now either. For some very strange reason I got it in my head that maybe my kids would like it. They eat and like a lot of strange things that normally wouldn't seem like kid food. So I thought they might like cottage cheese. When I served it to them for the first time, I even topped it with peaches, the extra syrupy kind. Well, I didn't fool them. One bite was all it took and they wouldn't even drink out the liquid syrup. I tried, but don't blame them. I think it tastes like curdled milk, yuck! So now what to do with a large container of cottage cheese. Since I don't eat dairy, lasagna was out of the question, besides, I don't really like it in lasagna either. Then I remembered this super easy recipe from my aunt for Turnovers. The cottage cheese is so hidden, you'll never know it is in there. My aunt makes them every Easter. She also does them much smaller into these perfect triangles and then drizzles them with runny frosting. Mine ended up quite large, weren't rolled pie-crust thin, took about 15 minutes to bake, and had some funky spots on them, but the best part: The kids loved them! I was scared for a moment cuz they were just eating the apple pie filling out of the middle, but they ended up eating the whole thing. Score!

1 lb butter
1 lb cottage cheese
4 cups flour
Pie Filling (use your favorite)

Mix ingredients together. Chill for 1 hour. Roll out thinner than pie crust. Cut into squares. Spoon a little pie filling in center. Fold over until covered. Fork edges to seal. Cook 350 degrees, approx 10 minutes (until golden brown.)

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Tricia said...

Just made these with blueberry filling and they were DELISH!! Thanks for sharing!