Saturday, September 19, 2009

White Buttercream Frosting

No photo. It's frosting. It's white. You get the idea.

You know how frosting is usually so sickening sweet you have to scrape it off the cake or it is so crisco-y greasy you have to dump it in the trash...ok, well, at least that's what I always do with frosting.

Until now. There is nothing ordinary about the taste of this frosting.

This recipe comes from my friend Judy.  While Judy's husband was stationed in France, Judy had nothing to do. So she enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu. In Paris.  The result: Judy is an amazing chef. Absolutely amazing! I love living in the same town so I can ask her lots and lots of questions.  She gave me this recipe a few years ago, and I don't know why I never made it before.

Actually, I do know why. One, I do NOT allow Crisco in my home, and two, I do not use marshmellow creme. Yuck. Double yuck. 

But there are now substitutes for both, so thus, I modified the recipe and am now happy to say, this is my very favorite frosting I have EVER made.

Prep:    Like 10 minutes


½ cup spectrum shortening (no trans fat)
½ cup butter, unsalted, softened
¼ tsp almond extract
½ tsp salt
½ cup warm water
2 lbs powdered sugar
⅓ cup rice mellow cream  (made from brown rice syrup so it is DF and GF)

In a large mixing bowl, sift sugar and all remaining ingredients. Mix on medium speed until mixed thoroughly. Blend for 2 minutes longer until mixture is creamy.

Makes:  enough to frost a Texas sheet cake with a cup left over

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