Friday, October 2, 2009

Casserole-Roasted Chicken or Trying to cook like Julia Childs

One afternoon this week I found myself with a defrosted whole chicken, Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”...and our afternoon nannie. Yes! I finally get to try out a recipe without interruption. With much anticipation I chose Poulet Poele a L’estragon a L' Face Duxelles which is translated:  Casserole Roasted Chicken with Tarragon and Mushroom Stuffing. Apparently this happens to be Meryl Streep’s favorite Julia recipe. Who knew!

I will not be posting the recipe, here’s link. It’s on page 250 - 252 of the book. 

First, I began to make the mushroom stuffing. But I’m quickly stopped by “saute the gizzard”...that is after peeling and mincing it.  Peel and mince a gizzard???  Ok, so I’m totally unclear exactly what part the gizzard actually is.

I look on the wrapper of my chicken (while being quite certain that Julia’s chicken NEVER came in a wrapper) and it says “some of the gibblets may be missing”.  What?!?!  What’s the difference between a gizzard and a gibblet??? Someone please enlighten me!

There are some parts inside my chicken, and altho I’m quite certain that Foster Farms hasn’t placed anything inside the chicken that would kill a person and ignite a law suit, I move on, deciding to omit the gizzard.  I do know what the chicken liver looks like, and being that fried liver & onions is one of my MOST favorite foods ever, I chop the liver and saute it. Knowing that by the time it reaches my husband and kids they’ll never know what went into it.

After prepping and sauteing and browning,  I have to mention that I am utterly, unabashedly, overwhelmingly impressed that Julia translated this whole blasted cookbook from French to English, and even moreso, I'm astounded that Julie (the blogger in the movie) undertook cooking all these recipes after working all day and cooking them in a 900 sq ft apartment. Did you see the size of her kitchen!?! My laundry room is bigger than that.  Let me say, after this one recipe, my kitchen is a Mess.

Oh, by the way, there are only 11 Tbsp of butter and about 3 Tbsp of oil in this recipe. No wonder this is without a doubt the most incredible roasted chicken I have ever made. Wonderfully moist, tender and flavorful.

Four hours later, my kitchen smells incredibly homey, and my family loves the chicken. My hubby and lil guy love the stuffing - and still have no idea what’s in it - , while the other son won’t touch it. Oh well, can’t please everyone.

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